@HerbCarmen Lays down the TwitterFightClub Law.

Rebecca posted her grading guidelines for Twitter Fight Club here Friday, and I thought it was a great idea.  Upon reading them it only seems fair that I post my own.  So here they are:

  1. It’s all about the Tweets.  It is the Twitterverse: content, ideas, and humor in 140 characters or less.  “Faster, funnier” is better.  When using links, don’t expect me to read 3,000 words in a 3,000-word blog post.
  2. Politics.  I choose to stay apolitical.  Politics won’t affect my decisions, unless views are baseless, absurd, or a violation of DoD directives.
  3. Academics.  The only person with a PhD who I never question, I married.  Here’s the rub: with several professors and PhDs on her side of the family, I know too much.  Sorry, Doc.
  4. Veterans and military.  Going on 22 years and just back from deployment, I empathize.  But it’s a two-edged sword because I know enough to see deep into your soul.  If you’re currently serving, see # 2 above.  Don’t be “that guy”.
  5. Put forth solid arguments.  Recent, hands-got-dirty experience helps, but if the logic isn’t solid, forget about it—even if you’re the spawn of Sun Tzu raised by Taliban in Gaza. Or Gary Faulkner.
  6. I like sports. Baseball, basketball, and NASCAR.  They’re just sports.  Sports tweets are free and ungraded; if you’re a Cubs, Navy, Hoyas, and/or Tony Stewart fan, perhaps extra credit.
  7. National security is serious business.  Contribute.  “Survive and Advance.”

Good luck!



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