#METC: Conversation Summaries

With nothing but respect and admiration for his wife and their marriage, I want to publicly confess my love for @El_Grillo1. He has selflessly taken the time to summarize our conversations in #METC so folks can go back and review our discussion or catch up on those conversations they may have missed.

I can’t promise these summaries are 100% accurate; I’ve curated a few extraneous sub-conversations out, and tweets that don’t include the hashtag are more likely to be lost, but this is a pretty good review of our conversations. If they seem a little informal, that’s because we’ve been informal in our exchanges. I’ll keep updating this page as we have new summaries available.

Also, if you’d like to follow the #METC conversation in real time, just follow the hashtag, or follow the exchange on tweetwally.


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